Corsican chestnut handicraft object

Castagnina x Small Shapes

When we started dreaming of projects together, it was the love of trees, leaves and bugs that guided us, and the first prototypes were born!
Today, we're proud that our collaboration has already produced a number of chestnut-based wonders in felt: crowns for our little ones, a soft toy for toddlers, and brooches for mums! All to the glory of our Castagna cara ✨🌰❤️

castagnina logo jpeg
Vannina Bernard-Leoni, who worked with me to create the felt chestnut

Castagnina @castagnina_pisticcina
is a committed and poetic project based on the Corsican chestnut.
Creation of objects inspired by the chestnut, propelled by Vannina B-L. (Castagnina) and made in Corsica by creators and craftsmen/craftswomen to put more chestnuts in our lives.

Manon Balberg @petitesformes
is a designer of eco-responsible toys for children. She has developed animal figurines in wool felt to accompany the imaginative playHer toys are sewn and felted by hand. Her toys are sewn and felted by hand.

Portrait Manon Balberg ~ Atelier Petites Formes