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Manon, free toy, natural toy Atelier Petites Formes in Corsica

Small shapes for small hands

Atelier Petites Formes is a design workshop for eco-responsible toys and craft objects, based in Corsica and committed to the well-being of children and the environment. Atelier Petites Formes offers objects with simple lines, authentic, aesthetic and sensitive toys.


Each natural wool felt toy is fully assembled, felted and embroidered by hand. Each model is made with the utmost care and passion, and the high quality of the materials used ensures that each toy will last.

Natural and healthy

The felt toy is made from pure new wool, a natural, ecological and sustainable fibre. The colours used are natural or derived from eco-responsible Oeko-Tex 100 certified dyes.


Atelier Petites Formes offers toys that celebrate life and the poetry of childhood. Let's protect our children from industrial toys made from petroleum and human exploitation.


Free, non-gendered toys that respect children's individual development, meet their specific needs, preserve their sensitivity and encourage self-confidence and emotions.
Petites Formes toys will grow with your child, adapting to their play and imagination.


Atelier Petites Formes is a step away from the unreasonable mass production of the toy industry.
It's a humble and virtuous alternative to consumption, bringing together local production and natural, sustainable and renewable materials.

A natural, free and sustainable toy for your child

A Atelier Petites Formes free toy makes a great gift for a new baby, birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion, because it will grow with your child as it adapts to his play and will sparkle with his development and creativity.
Les Petites Formes accompanies the poetry of childhood, its games and emotions.
When you give a Petites Formes handcrafted toy, you're choosing a top-of-the-range, unique gift, handmade with love in Corsica!

Natural toy

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