Honest & authentic toys designed for children's little hands

Give your child a healthy, simple and essential natural wool felt toy that will grow with them as they play and spark their development and imagination.



is a toy and object design workshop, committed to the well-being of children and the environment. The Atelier Petites Formes offers authentic objects with simple lines that are both aesthetic and sensitive.


Each natural wool felt toy is fully assembled, felted and embroidered by hand. Each model is made with the utmost care and passion, and the high quality of the materials used ensures that each toy will last.


The natural felt toy is made from pure new wool, a natural, ecological and sustainable fibre. The colours used are natural or derived from eco-responsible Oeko-Tex 100 certified dyes.


The first Atelier Petites Formes audio newsletter

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I wanted to send you a voice message to share some news from the workshop 🙂 Happy listening! Here is the audio description ↓ Hello everyone! This is my first audio newsletter to give you little news from the workshop. This summer the weather has been fine, it's been hot, we've...

Petites Formes personalised gift packaging

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Personalised gift packaging for your Atelier Petites Formes toy order. Choose humble, pretty and personalised packaging for your birth, birthday or holiday gifts. The toy will be wrapped with its label in tissue paper held together by a hemp string. A small "message" card will be written...

A birth gift in line with your values

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"Everything is ready to welcome our baby, we have recovered and bought everything second hand concerning childcare BUT I want a Petites Formes toy for the birth of my baby, how can I make them understand..." AtelierPetitesFormes.com is an online shop that is compatible with multi-brand birth lists /...

Is producing new objects in our world of overconsumption and overproduction green?

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Spring has arrived with its share of existential and important questions. Atelier Petites Formes blew out its first candle in February 2023 and I am grateful to you for accompanying me in this artisanal, creative and independent adventure. This spring is therefore a time for me to take stock, to grow from my first year...
Dachshund dog in pure wool felt

Happy New Year 2023!

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I would like to take the opportunity of this brand new little dachshund dog to wish you a beautiful year 2023! May it be full of play and creativity, joy and mischief!✨ Thank you for accompanying me here and supporting me in my first year of Small Shapes workshop. I am so happy to have made all these animals for your children...

Eco-responsible toys for Christmas

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Buying less but buying better is one of the bases of minimalism but it also rhymes with economy and ecology. Buying less is, in fact, having more budget, which then allows us to encourage small companies with ethical and eco-responsible values that charge fair prices in terms of production methods, treatment of employees, etc.

My participation in the Inktober 2022 challenge

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This autumn, I had fun participating in the well-known challenge for illustrators and designers; Inktober. It's a challenge that takes place mainly on Instagram. I wanted to take advantage of the excitement of the month of October with this #inktober challenge to show you my Small Shapes in a different way. If you don't know this challenge, here it is...

My study path

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I have been studying art since high school. I obtained a Bac in Applied Art and studied ceramics at the Ecole Supérieure d'Art Duperré, Paris. After this diploma, I continued with a degree in Plastic Art and then I entered the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Le Mans where I obtained a DNAP...

Process of creating a felt figure

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I would like to share with you my creative process and the steps involved in making my Atelier Petites Formes wool felt animals. I am Manon, I design and make simple and natural toys with ecological values for your children. The choice of the animal According to the seasons, according to my fantasy or to the...
Three elegant feathers in the palm of your hand

A walk in the forest

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Here, around our house, it is the maquis, hazelnut groves, chestnut groves... We have found an ideal path for walks with a young child without it being a mountain with protruding stones, with steep ascents and descents... It is a very small wood near a very small Careggia village, it is a very small wood with a very small...


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The toys of Atelier Petites Formes are made of natural and renewable materials, made with great care here in Corsica. Toys that encourage imaginative play and accompany children throughout their development. Wool is a natural, renewable and recyclable material. I imagine the toys as durable objects that will accompany children throughout their development.


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Atelier Petites Formes toys are entirely hand-sewn and embroidered. Each model is made with the greatest care, with all my passion and conviction, and slight variations make each piece unique, authentic and vibrant. They are the proof of a handmade work. This is a quality of workmanship that cannot be found in a factory....
Branding Atelier Petites Formes

Energy efficiency

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I thought of my modest business with the taste to value the slow and the sobriety. I chose online sales and social networks to develop my project. Posting a video on Instagram, or shipping my toys around the world is not without consequences on the environment. The visual identity of Atelier Petites Formes created by...

What is an open-ended toy?

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The open-ended toy is simple and minimal, allowing the child to project his or her own worlds, characters, emotions and stories. The child decides how to play with the toy. The open-ended toy can be a doll or an animal figure with a neutral expression. It can be...
Baby hedgehog in the palm of my child's hand

A healthy, natural and sustainable cocoon for the newborn

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Choosing to give well-made, good quality clothes, toys or baby items to welcome and celebrate a newborn is a great idea. If you add in the ecological, ethical and health safety values, it's even more difficult to make the right choices. In this article I want to help you...
Mimosa against a blue sky

The colours of spring

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Here in Corsica, free and wild nature is part of our immediate environment and we live very close to it with an ever renewed interest. We love to observe the new grasses that have just sprouted, to observe the flowers, to photograph the trees. Writing a poem about the starry night or a song about the poplars. Here...

Why "Atelier Petites Formes"?

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"I have always dreamed of having my own studio, a working space with my tools and the necessary materials and equipment. With a view of nature or with a window in the city, studios are spaces that have always fascinated me. I find that they tell a story...
Details wool felt in natural colours

Care of toys Atelier Petites Formes

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I discovered hand sewing and wool felt at the same time. I wanted to make simple toys for my baby by myself. I wanted to invest my time and my love in the realization of small figures which would soften its daily life, would embellish our environment. I fell in love with the...

Why give your child a felt ball made by Atelier Petites Formes

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The wool felt balls from Atelier Petites Formes are suitable for babies and children of all ages. Open-ended and timeless toys, they will accompany their games and their motor skills. A simple and beautiful toy. The balls are made of felted wool guaranteed Oeko-Tex 100, i.e. without chemical treatments, they comply with "toy" standards. Stuffed with natural wool from the...
The clogs of the Laduz museum

The toys of the Laduz Museum

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I had the opportunity to work for a few months at the Museum of Popular Art in Laduz in the Yonne. A rural museum built by the Humbert family: Jacqueline Raymond and their three sons, to present their exceptional collection of 19th century crafts from the regions of France before industrialisation. The scenography is remarkable, the choice of objects...

The woolen felt ball massage from Atelier Petites Formes

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The balls from Atelier Petites Formes have the ideal softness and firmness for a relaxing moment with your child. I remember the gymnastics sessions when I was a child. They sometimes ended with a moment of calm. The idea was to massage a friend by rolling a ball (plastic, with pimples...

✺ Customer Reviews ✺

Thank you for sharing your customer reviews with me and my community!
It means a lot to me and helps other parents

This is a real crown!
Ishmael almost fell asleep with the crown on his head saying "that's a real crown!
Ismaël, 5, Brest
A moment of pure joy
We love playing with the big felt ball by Atelier Petites Formes, its colours and the softness of its material contribute to this moment of pure joy for both of us
Sophie, aged 37 and Lila, aged 4, Nantes
The feltballs are round and warm and only evoke happiness
I feel that we have never had a more beautiful toy than these woolen balls. Seeing them in my house every day is a real treat for the eyes. My children have taken to them straight away and never lose them, my daughter has made up a rhyme to go with the ball game and plays it every day at the moment. They have all sorts of toys, plastic, wooden and others, but it is always these simple, natural shapes that they return to. If we take good care of them, these balls will stay with us for a long time, and that's good!
Mathilde, mum of two, Morlaix
For our little Hanna
These are beautiful handmade felt toys made of natural materials.
They are beautiful.
Go follow this great instagram account
Lou, mum of Hanna 1 month, Paris
Soft and beautiful
I don't often make a fuss about a package I receive and I don't do a story about opening a package.
Usually. But this one, frankly, is too good. The bears are for baby at Christmas. The swallow is for the girls, probably tonight when they get home from school, because they love the story of Thumbelina and I think it was the missing character in their reenactments& Everything is in organic wool, beautifully hand-stitched, soft and beautiful. I highly recommend @petitesformes' creations because frankly, there is talent at work.
Caroline S. mother of 3 children
Thank you SO MUCH for my order! 
I was very excited when I placed it but frankly the surprise is even better when I receive it.
I knew it was going to be nice but it's even better than that. The wool is too beautiful, which you don't necessarily see in photos. Very soft, "fine". I'm really very happy and I'll be sure to recommend your work to everyone!
Many congratulations and thanks
Caroline B. mum of Léonidas 6 months, Barcelona
Handmade and made in France
Thank you so much for your speed!
For April I will order a wreath. It is not impossible that I will fall in love with the animals which I find sensational. Congratulations again, I am happy to buy handmade and made in France 🇫🇷
Louise G. mum of Thelma 3 months, Marseille
Without a doubt the most beautiful toys in the house
The Little Shapes were very well received, the boys were very happy with their animal. The wolf became the protector of "rabbit", Ariel's favourite rabbit doll and fox sleeps with Armel.
I was amazed when I also discovered the stuffed animals because I had not opened the pretty packages.
The bear is for my niece who will get it in a few weeks.
Thank you for these beautiful creations, without a doubt the most beautiful toys we have at home. Bravo
Raphaëlle T. mother of 3 boys , Angers
So poetic
I am so happy to have discovered your work, your universe a few months ago. Everything is so sweet, so pretty, so poetic. I am not a mother. It's a beautiful dream that I'm cherishing just for the moment. If one day I am, I will devalue the shop!
Thank you for a very pleasant exchange and for this lovely creation which I am sure Madeleine will love.
Julie T. Brussels
My lover has fallen back into childhood
Adorable felt toys for children and adults alike!
I gave a little elephant to my boyfriend who immediately fell in love with it. The quality of the wool is excellent and every detail is carefully made.
I am absolutely convinced by Atelier Petites Formes and highly recommend these toys for a gift idea, or to simply treat yourself.
Thank you again!
Lauriane D. 31 years old , Leipzig
For Lison
Thanks to Atelier Petites Formes.
The swallow that I ordered has made its migration to come and land on little Lison's cradle. Both announce the arrival of spring. The sweetness, the colours, the freshness and the quality are all there.
Lorraine P. aged 39, Toucy
Little fox is doing very well
I'm sending you little pictures of M with the little fox, M is playing with it and likes to carry it around with her mouth, and despite all her treatments it is doing very well! She is starting to walk him around and make him jump, I can't wait for her to tell little stories with him.
See you soon
Julie K. mum of M. 16 months, Tulle
What marvels! 😍
I'd been looking for a long time for wool felt toys that were well designed, with simple lines that captured the purity of the miniature animals.
Of all the handmade woollen toys I've seen, those from Atelier Petites Formes are the most unusual, with their generous dimensions and unrivalled quality of felt and workmanship!
I recommend PetitesFormes.com to all parents who want a toy that doesn't pollute, that's made close to home with great know-how to support, don't hesitate, PetitesFormes.com plush toys are for you.
(to the delight of your children) 😉
Sarah C. aged 39 and Léon aged 5, Monte-Carlo
It makes you dream...
I fell for the Atelier Petites Formes horse for my daughter because it reminds me of the toys we had as children, which are common in Germany.
Manon's designs always look great when I browsed her online shop, and everything made me want to buy them... they're so poetic... they make you dream.
Josephine V. 37, Frankfurt
Creations for all seasons
what a generous catalogue of the most ethical and natural toys you can make! I love giving my child natural toys, he has lots of free wooden toys or wooden characters and the petites Formes menagerie with all its woollen animals, seasonal crowns... I'm delighted! What talent! Thank you so much!
Anna, 33 and Gaël, 2, Geneva