What is an open-ended toy?

The open-ended toy is simple and minimal, allowing the child to project his or her own worlds, characters, emotions and stories.
The open-ended promotes autonomy in play. The child decides how to play with the toy.

The open-ended toy can be a doll or an animal figure with a neutral expression. It can be a set of shapes with geometric or organic lines that can be separated, assembled or combined with other toys according to the child's wishes. The free toy can be made of wood, fabric or clay: it is by nature made of natural materials and often eco-responsible.

What is imaginative play?

Imaginative play is a game without rules, without instructions, without any purpose other than to play. The open-ended toy can be used for the child's various games since it does not lead to a single specific use, a single possible story.
The field of possibilities remains open, several stories can be imagined around the same toy. Imaginative play is a protean game that brings together different abilities and aptitudes the child's natural abilities, allowing him or her to explore sensitivity, curiosity, for example, in mathematics or language, the construction of a story, or the experience of the child's own life. sensory...

Play is a path to freedom of being

The imaginative play toy builds self-confidence and individuality as it gives the child the opportunity to be deeply connected to him or herself.
Imaginative play develops language, thinking, fine and gross motor skills and encourages imagination and creativity.

The woolen animals, the balls, the woolen pebble and driftwood set are designed to accompany the child for a long time through the different ages of his life, his imaginative play, his role play, his imagination games...

The natural materials and the seams are strong so that the child can invest his toy freely and according to his fantasy.
The natural colours of the wool felt give the animal figures made of wool felt the realism that small children need to build up their image of the world.
Their drawing is simple and minimal but without concession to the characteristic details of each animal. The expression of their face is always neutral, the eyes and nose are simply embroidered.

Playing with Atelier Petites Formes pure wool toys develops imagination, fantasy, thinking, problem solving. Our healthy, simple and essential toys will grow with your child by adapting to their play and will spark their development & creativity.

photo: Unsplash by Paige Cody