Branding Atelier Petites Formes

Energy efficiency

I thought of my modest business with the taste to value the slow and the sobriety. I chose online sales and social networks to develop my project. Posting a video on Instagram, or shipping my toys around the world is not without consequences on the environment.

The visual identity of Atelier Petites Formes created by Mathilde Cauchy is simple and sober. I can print it manually at the rate of the toys on order to limit the costs and the consumption of the shop.

I have had stamps engraved to put my logo on various media: thank you cards, business cards, stickers, packaging, parcels, labels.

This solution makes total sense with the essence of the Atelier Petites Formes project.

The boxes I use to send your beautiful orders are upcycled boxes, meaning that they have already been used but they are clean and in good condition to be sent to your mailbox instead of ending up as waste.

Thanks to Mathilde for her advice and vision to best align my ecological values and marketing.

I am happy to have graphic autonomy, to be able to imagine, draw, make, sew, embroider, stuff, print, stamp, label, pack, ship my creations by myself with little cost and impact on the environment.