Who makes Atelier Petites Formes toys?

Je suis Manon. Je suis artiste designer, je conçois et je fabrique à la main les jouets Atelier Petites Formes pour les enfants.

I chose natural, eco-friendly materials to add to the world of healthy objects for children and biodiversity.

The wool felt used is 100% merino, which means it contains no petroleum/plastic-based textile materials. 

The felt has the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label, which means that the dyes (when not the natural dyeing of sheep's fleeces) are non-toxic.

The ecological impact of the life of my objects is central to my approach as a creator of children's toys: from the creation of the fabric (by a supplier located in Holland), to the production of my objects to order in my workshop in Corsica, including the durability of the material, the solidity of the manufacture by my most precise and serious gestures, the longevity of the toy in the life of the child, the recycling of the toy at the end of its life whose materials are 100% biodegradable and compostable.

So many choices to be made consciously to create a toy with my own hands that I feel fully responsible for.

I create in my place as a mother wishing to offer my child a future in which human health and the comfort of life are not without consideration for nature and the ecosystems that make it up. I embody the change I want to see in our society by creating artisanal products, on a human scale, to earn a living without chasing growth, just enough to meet our needs in the current system.

Plastic-free toys that let children's imaginations run free, offering them the poetry and authenticity of handmade products.