My first Christmas market

My day starts early, with the first rays of sun rising gently between the mountains. I join Agathe, who's accompanying me on this new adventure, and off I go! Off to Moltifao! 

I carefully set up my stand, displaying my handmade creations with all my love. 

The wool felt animals I make attract the attention of passers-by, young and old alike.

The atmosphere is warm and festive. A lively Christmas playlist accompanies visitors as they stroll through the market.

My heart lights up with joy when I see the children stopping in front of my stand with stars in their eyes. Their eyes gaze in wonder at my creations, and their delicate hands carefully touch every detail of their favourite woollen felt animal. I can see that their imaginations are already soaring towards beautiful stories! It's an incomparable joy to be able to bring a little magic to them.

Parents and other adults stop by my stand to admire my toys, making some of them fall back into childhood. Their kind looks and sincere compliments are a real reward for my expertise. Some of them even buy a few of my creations to give to their loved ones for the holidays.

The soft light of late autumn is beautiful in Moltifao. I can feel the cold at my fingertips, and to warm up I take a well-deserved break in the village restaurant In Piazza Moltifao, run by Maddlyne and Mathieu. With a cup of hot chocolate steaming in my hands, I savour the friendly, magical atmosphere of the Christmas market.

And so my day goes on, punctuated by festive music, touching compliments and the beauty of the approaching winter. 

I'm full of satisfaction when I see children and adults leave with a bit of my magic in their hands. The feeling of having been able to bring joy and wonder to others is infinitely gratifying. My first Christmas market in Moltifao will go down in my memory as an unforgettable experience alongside my friends Maddlyne and Agathe.