Why "Atelier Petites Formes"?

"Workshop" refers to the place where the work evolves, the forms in search...

I have always dreamed of having my own workshop, a space to work with my tools and the necessary materials and equipment. With a view of nature or with a window in the city, workshops are spaces that have always fascinated me. I find that they tell of the work, the craftsman, the artist who lives there. 
My current studio is a simple desk in our living room that we share as if we were living in a studio. I thought of my small workshop as being mobile and able to work from anywhere. For my clay projects, I'm still waiting to invest in a kiln or a wheel, it's a whole infrastructure to have that seems too heavy for me at the moment. I would be happy to find the workshop of other potters who would be willing to share their equipment, to share their space for the time of a small production of dînettes for example.

The word "small" is used to indicate that the objects created are humble, simple, and within the reach of children's hands.

"I like to read, write and say the word "forms".

The first object imagined behind atelier petites formes is the ball. For me it has a typical drawing of what we have as a mental image of the balloon. To make them I cut out their facets, their little shapes in felt.

I followed an artistic curriculum, from high school in the applied arts section, to a diploma in ceramics, at the fine arts school, and I always loved the shape charts hanging on the walls of the clay workshops.

Repertoire of pottery shapes
Repertoire of shapes ~ potter's workshop