The first Atelier Petites Formes audio newsletter

I wanted to drop you a voicemail to share some little news from the workshop 🙂


Here is the audio description ↓

Hello everyone!

This is my first audio newsletter to bring you news from the workshop.

This summer the weather was fine, it was hot, we enjoyed the mountains and the sea, it was great.

And I have a feeling that, even though there's still a good month of summer left, September is just around the corner and I want to get some new things up and running.

It started yesterday with a small reorganisation of the workshop where I improved the storage of my wool, my wool for stuffing, the carded wool and also my rolls of felt that I use for all my objects, all my toys.

And it feels good

I've also created a space for packing your orders, so I've got a little extra work surface on wheels that I can move around if I need to. At the back I've also put boxes to fold for your parcels, and a drawing box with photo backgrounds...

And then I'd like to hang some things on the wall, maybe some illustrations by Elsa Beskow or maybe some drawings that I'll do.

This summer I worked on several projects

I feel like Santa's little elf, working in the middle of summer on winter creations for Christmas! I'll leave you with the surprise and say no more. 

I was strangely drawn to start by creating the little things for the end of the year rather than those I have in mind for the autumn.

It's the first time I've ever done it, but I feel that with my little child it's great fun to immerse myself in the atmosphere of the festive season, its rituals and traditions...

During Advent last year, we read lots of stories and tales about Christmas and other non-Christian traditions, and it was really great to rediscover all that, and to discover tales that I'd never read as a child, and so to approach this time of year in this way, while also observing how it resonates with my child, was beautiful. So... I'm just looking forward to this time of year. 

And yet I know I've got some great creations for autumn, so I'm going to highlight the collaboration with Vannina on her Castagnina project, which means chestnut in Corsican. We created two wreaths of leaves, an early-learning toy with three chestnuts to move in and out of their bogue, and brooches for all bags, coats or jumpers to accessorise in a singular way 🙂

This will be an opportunity to add a new creation to our collection. Once again, I'll keep it a surprise!

And then soon, with the start of the new school year, I'm going to show you what I worked on in July for a special order made by a client <3 and I was really excited about it, it's an imaginary, legendary animal, I'll let you guess, let me know if you find it 🙂

That's about all I wanted to share with you today. Thank you for listening to this little audio newsletter, I hope my oral fumbling was enjoyable all the same.

Thank you so much, see you soon! A big kiss,