Why give your child a felt ball made by Atelier Petites Formes

The atelier petites formes balls are suitable for babies and children of all ages. Free and timeless toys, they will accompany their games and motor skills.

A simple and beautiful toy

The balloons are made of felted wool guaranteed Oeko-Tex 100, i.e. without chemical treatments, and comply with "toy" standards. Stuffed with natural wool from Brittany or Pyrenean sheep, the balloons come in three sizes: 10 cm diameter, 15 cm diameter and 20 cm diameter.

These hand-sized balls will help your babies and toddlers become aware of movement.

The soft and warm material of these woolen balls will be loved by the child who will study the facets of the balls by spinning them in his or her hands and seeing them roll on the ground. The intensity or softness of the colours chosen resonate with the child's sensitivity, in the formation of his or her "good taste". 

The ball accompanies the games and supports the child's motor development

The ball is an essential toy that accompanies your child's free play from age to age. Ball play is an activity that allows for gentle interaction while exercising control of the body and strength, in space and time.

The atelier petites formes balloons offer exchanges without noise or injury, exchanges that are laughing and tender.

Babies experiment with gripping the ball, which rolls away if they are not determined enough to catch it. 

At 6 months, babies are discovering new ways to move. The large or medium-sized ball and the two balls are perfect for stimulating their curiosity, both through sensory experience of the material and by practising pinching, catching with their hands, and observing how the object falls and rolls in their play area.

At 12 months, the child enjoys exchanging the ball, catching it, standing up to drop it from his height, squatting to pick it up, standing up again, holding it out to us and repeating all these actions hundreds of times towards mastery of the object and the gesture.

At age 2, the child throws the ball and practices hitting it with his foot.

From the age of 3, multiplayer ball games, such as the tomato game or the basket toss, interest and amuse the child and offer new challenges.

Balloons made to the rhythm of the seasons

The colours of the balloons are chosen according to the season, I consult the colour chart, make sketches with watercolours or coloured pencils, find a palette for my production and assemble the pieces of felt according to my imagination. This makes each balloon unique. 

Collections are designed for spring, summer, autumn and winter and are renewed every year. I prefer felts with natural colours, i.e. with the colours of animal fleeces. My "natural colours" collection is constantly renewed. I also imagine a collection with rainbow colours and monochrome collections (or almost).