The woolen felt ball massage from Atelier Petites Formes

The balloons of The atelier petites formes has the ideal softness and firmness for a relaxing moment with your child.

I remember the gymnastics sessions when I was a child. They sometimes ended with a quiet moment. The idea was to massage a friend by rolling a ball (plastic, with or without pimples) and getting a massage in return. 
I loved it. It was my only favourite time, I hated going to the gym.. 🙃

The benefits of this moment of relaxation were numerous: the excitement of the session fell back, the body that had just worked lost its muscular tension, breathing became longer, the body relaxed.

This exchange between comrades was also an important moment of letting go and trusting each other.

Massaging and being massaged

Receiving a massage is well known to be a pleasant thing and massaging someone is just as pleasant: it is a gift of oneself to do good to the person, one feels gratified and honoured by this trust, the act of massaging is meditative, the calm of this moment also relaxes the masseur. The well-being is then shared.

By exerting gentle pressure and making small circular movements with the ball over the whole body, the muscles relax and the mind settles.

With the balloons I create from Oeko-Tex 100 certified pure wool felt, it's a massage that has every chance of being pleasant.

The relief of the seams between each petal, which forms the roundness of the ball, contributes to the originality of the sensation.

The soft and warm materials ensure an injury-free and health-friendly massage, as they are non-allergenic, plastic-free and chemical-free.

You can offer your child this moment of connection on the way back from a walk or after an intense intellectual or physical activity in order to allow him/her to gradually relax and reach a state of well-being, or to connect together after intense emotions.

How to make a massage with a atelier petites formes wool felt ball?

Invite your child to lie down on a mat, tatami or bed.

All atelier petites formes balloon sizes are suitable for massage.

Roll the ball gently over the child's whole body in two stages: first on the stomach and then on the back, for example.

You can name the body parts by following where the ball rolls.

The massage stops and you can invite the child to swap the roles of masseur and massee.

Strengthening the link

This gentle and intimate exchange strengthens the bond between the child and the adult. It allows them to anchor themselves, here and now, to feel their body consciously, its contours, its limits. I love it when my son asks me for a massage with his ball, I love seeing him so happy at the prospect of this moment together, of calm and complicity.

Photo: Unsplash by Kristin Pritchard