The gentle blue tit Atelier Petites Formes

The Petites Formes hand-sewn blue tit in wool felt is finely crafted, designed with love and dedication to bring joy and beauty to your environment. This little marvel hangs delicately everywhere by a cotton thread, ready to embellish any space.

The choice of wool as the main material reflects the profoundly ecological dimension of the object. By using this sustainable, environmentally-friendly material, I'm helping to preserve the quality of life on Earth by offering a quality object with minimal impact.

The Atelier Petites Formes blue tit is naively depicted, capturing the essence of nature and the lightness of this adorable bird.

It can be used both as a soft toy for little ones, encouraging their sensory development and imagination, and as a charming, poetic decorative element for adults. Its vibrant, carefully selected colours brighten up the space in which it's placed, adding a touch of fun and wonder.

Hanging from an arch for newborns, this blue chickadee in woollen felt will attract their attention with its soft colours. It can also be hung in a child's bedroom, adding a touch of nature and poetry.

The Petites Formes hand-sewn blue chickadee in wool felt is an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates unique, handmade objects.

Felt blue tit to hang up


The Atelier Petites Formes blue chickadee in felt is a hanging lamp to decorate the seasonal table, a child's bedroom, the Christmas tree... The Atelier Petites Formes blue chickadee in felt is a handmade decorative object. It's handmade from quality wool felt, with strong, sturdy stitching and a...

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