Petites Formes: a virtuous initiative

This quote from Gandhi reminds us that to create positive change in the world, we have to start by changing ourselves. Instead of waiting for others to act, we need to embody the values and behaviours we want to see spread.

If we want a more sustainable world, we need to adopt environmentally-friendly lifestyles, reduce our ecological footprint and promote sustainable development practices. By embodying these values and acting in accordance with them, we can become catalysts for change in our surroundings and beyond. We can inspire others to follow our example, creating a chain of positive transformation that contributes to a better world for all.

If everyone commits to becoming a model of integrity, compassion, kindness and justice, this could gradually generate significant changes in the world around us.

It is important to note that this quote from Gandhi goes beyond mere idealism, utopianism or spiritual beliefs. Gandhi embodied this philosophy in his own life and activism. He not only preached these ideas, but also put them into practice, leading a non-violent resistance movement and becoming himself the change he wanted to see in society. His impact and legacy are testament to the power of these principles.

Cette citation de Gandhi m’a profondément inspirée et m’a poussée à agir pour créer Atelier Petites Formes en proposant des jouets alternatifs, sains et sécuritaires pour la santé des enfants et de la biodiversité. Je suis convaincue que nous devons lutter contre la pollution plastique et remettre en question l’enrichissement des multinationales qui mettent en péril la vie sur terre.

That's why I decided to launch this initiative. By creating toys that respect children's health, I want to raise awareness of the importance of making more responsible consumer choices. I want to show that we can offer children quality products without compromising their health or using polluting and toxic materials.

What's more, by creating toys that respect biodiversity, I hope to play an active part in preserving our fragile ecosystem. By using natural, sustainable materials, I'm helping to combat plastic pollution and encouraging people to rethink their relationship with nature.

For me, Atelier Petites Formes is more than just a business venture. It's my way of becoming the change I want to see in the world. I firmly believe in having a positive impact, by inspiring others to question their consumption habits and opt for environmentally-friendly, high-quality, handmade products made in France on an artisanal scale.

By creating Atelier Petites Formes toys and objects, I hope to encourage people to make more sustainable choices and help build a world that is more respectful of human health and the planet. Together, we can create a truly positive transformation and work towards a better future for everyone.