Three elegant feathers in the palm of your hand

A walk in the forest

Here, around our house, it is the maquis, hazelnut groves, chestnut groves... We found an ideal path for walks with a young child without it being a mountain with stones sticking out, with steep ascents and descents...

It's a very small wood near a very small Careggia village, there is a central path and a small path that leads to a ruined house (with pipistrelle bats napping upside down). We love to walk there and rest. Aimé loves to play there, he is building another small ruin with sticks that are saws, trowels or a new frame. It's his little building site as he says. 

Sometimes you go deep into the scrub under the arbutus and cork oaks. You can glean beautiful bark or leaves in the shape of a perfect heart of thorny bindweed. 

A few days ago, Aimé and I took advantage of the early morning to enjoy the freshness under the trees of the small wood of Careggia. We had some lovely gifts left here and there by the birds. Fascinating feathers from a barn owl, a spotted woodpecker and a blue feather from a jay (my favourite). We keep them as precious treasures.

I love being under the trees. The silence, the oxygen, the sun shining down on the floor of beige and brown leaves, a chance encounter with a wild boar or a spider in the centre of its web.

Observe this small forest in the different seasons, day after day the mushrooms that grow almost visibly, the flowers and even the wild asparagus...!

These breaths are important to Aimé with endless imaginative play space, and while he scratches the ground with a stick, I can also let my thoughts travel dreaming of new toys I might soon create in ceramic, felt, or carded wool.