My study path

I have been studying art since high school. I obtained a Bac in Applied Art and studied ceramics at the Ecole Supérieure d'Art Duperré, Paris. After this diploma, I continued with a degree in Plastic Art and then I entered the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Le Mans where I obtained a DNAP & DNSEP. 

During all these years, from college to master, my central practice was photography. I also chose to spend the 6 months of my Erasmus exchange in a renowned Brussels school for this medium; the superior art school le 75 (the Septante Cinq)

Photography was connected to writing. I used to write a lot.

Ceramics was for me a medium allowing me to concretize projects whether they are on the side of design or sculpture. My years of study in Paris gave me a taste for craftsmanship, the manufacturing process, form, colours and materials. 

I have never yet been able to realise my desire for a clay workshop. But Atelier Petites Formes was born with the desire to create tableware for little hands that would be adapted to them, imagined for play as well as for daily life. A repertoire of shapes ranging from vases to saucers to spoons. 

I was never attracted to sewing and textiles until I wanted to make healthy, natural toys for my baby.

I developed my know-how around wool thanks to my readings on alternative pedagogies. My curiosity came from a need to offer my child a different approach by understanding his fundamental needs and thus being able to respond to them as best I could.

In Waldorf pedagogy, nature pedagogy (Forest School), Charlotte Manson pedagogy or Reggio Emilia pedagogy, free play is central, in a natural environment, with simple toys. 

Whether these are natural elements; pine cones, pieces of wood, pebbles, sand and mud... Or whether they are made of natural and durable, humble materials; wooden figurines, animals made of wool... It was obvious to me that these are the kinds of toys that give the child the possibility to take hold of them freely, to play out their own stories.

I hope that reading this article has interested and inspired you. Thank you for reading it!