About us


Small shapes for small hands

Atelier Petites Formes is a workshop in Corsica that designs eco-responsible toys and objects for children.
Petites Formes free toys are great gifts for births or birthdays, to celebrate the poetry of childhood, its games and its emotions.
Offering a Petites Formes toy means choosing a top-of-the-range, original, unique and authentic gift, handmade with love!


I create Atelier Petites Formes toys with my values and my concerns as a mother: to offer free and sustainable toys to children. Toys that leave the field of possibilities open. Toys that respect the environment and the health of children.


My aim is to create beautiful objects for children, using natural, healthy materials. The choice of shapes, colours and materials resonates with children's sensibilities. The free toys Atelier Petites Formes helps to develop children's aesthetic sensibilities by offering them well-made objects with solid, high-quality materials and simple lines that can be used to stimulate the imagination.


Atelier Petites Formes toys are ecological and sustainable, non-toxic for the environment and children. 
I made my son his first wool felt ball when he was six months old, and today he plays with it almost every day, and I think for a long time to come. That's also the beauty of free toys: they live on in the child's play, and are sometimes passed down from generation to generation. Favouring good quality toys means making a sustainable and economical purchase. To find out more about free and sustainable toys.

Manon, and the free toys Atelier Petites Formes

I am Manon

As soon as Aimé, my child, wanted to make little objects, mobiles, rag dolls, felt companions, I naturally wanted to make them. Spontaneous toys, like scribbling down an idea on a piece of flying paper so as not to forget. Not to forget the beauty of nature, not to forget the poetry of childhood.

While devoting myself to my child, I developed small woolen toys that I make with great joy and mischief. Today I wish that Atelier Petites Formes toys accompany all children with an infinite imagination.


I live in Haute Corse in a village perched on a rock overlooking the sea. The skies are always different in the mornings and evenings, depending on the season. The church chimes the hours and half-hours, but in our village time is stretched out to give way to the sun. imaginative play and walks in the mountains and by the sea. Our living room is my studio and Aimé's play area. And Bruno develops websites right next door to us.